Energy Solutions


At MultiSolve we help organisations to save money and reduce their energy costs through becoming more energy efficient. 

As you can see from our name we believe there is a solution for every problem, every challenge, every concern. But we feel it’s our responsibility to assist our clients by guiding and implementing those solutions. Companies often need the experience, general knowledge of a trusted partner to help them create the action.

How do we deliver on that promise? It’s very simple: we’re experts in helping organisations to use energy in more sustainable ways.

Our customers all want to take real, practical steps towards energy efficient solutions for their organisation, but they’re just not sure how. We provide clarity and confidence; one number to deliver full solutions to enable them to reach their Net Zero Objectives and Energy reduction objectives.

Energy Exploration

MultiSolve provides comprehensive bespoke Audit and energy data analysis to search out and report on those Potential Savings and reduction in consumption.

Energy Efficiency Projects

MultiSolve Group not only find the potential but also implement energy efficiency projects allowing the Savings, for lighting upgrades, to water saving systems, we can support.

Ongoing Energy Management

Improving energy performance and energy efficiency doesn’t stop once equipment and systems are installed. Find out about the ongoing management. 

Go Net Zero

We can support offering all services to enable your organisation to achieve.

We work with large multi-site organisations to raise awareness of energy usage and cost and provide the solutions to achieve significant and sustainable cost reductions. 


Get in touch with our Senior Sales Consultants to find out how we can support your organisation to become Net Zero and achieve their objectives.

Sectors We Support: 

We Audit, We Implement, You Save