Energy Exploration

Does your organisation know where the Energy Savings can be made?  


Reducing expenditure is a key concern for any organisation – and minimising energy and water consumption can dramatically reduce costs.

An energy and water audit from MultiSolve Group shows you where you can save – and how long the payback will take.


Savings Opportunity Audit Services That Deliver Actionable Goals

Whether you lead your finance team, manage your buildings or head up sustainability for your organisation, our mantra is “Act Now” – and we help make it happen for you and your organisation.


Our commercial and industrial energy & water efficiency inspections deliver detailed consumption analysis of every aspect of your operation – and will leave you with clear, actionable ways to cut your costs and boost your green credentials.

Full detailed reporting covering all areas of energy and water consumption

Assessment of renewables across all facilities

Energy Data Analysis

Identification of Opportunities providing the quickest payback period

Fully Calculated potential savings and carbon reduction calculations